• DATE: SATURDAY, APRIL 1st, 8am* to 5pm
    This is NO April Fools Joke!

    As we make more room for swimwear, wetsuits and tri gear, we will be
    clearing out ALL of our Cycling & Running products+++ 

    Cost of the Bag(s):
    VIP Bag: $500+tx
  • must be purchased ahead, 
  • only 20 VIP bags will be sold
  • Complimentary Flight Tasting at Lock Street Microbrewery (next door)

  • Grab Bag: $250+tx

    How does the Grab Bag work? 
    Please bring your own bag, we want to be environmentally conscious. When you arrive to the VIP or Regular time slots, you will have the opportunity to pick up any 10 items of your choice and put them in your bag! From now till the Grab Bag Sale we will be on Facebook Live showing you some of the items you can get! So please stay tuned and share with anyone who may be interested! The average value of 10 items ranges between $600 - $2500. There will be 500+ items for sale.

    *VIP 8am start
    Reg 9am-5pm

Masters Swimming Spring 2017

    Join us FALL 2016 for a dynamic, skills based Masters Swimming Group. Click below to REGISTER!
    Starting September 7th 2016

Must haves for Master Swimming

Key products to get the most out of your SWIM session.